Fall’s 5 Best Laptop You Must Consider

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Giving a name to one laptop is difficult today, as all the competitor brands try to differentiate themselves by offering one very best feature or another the other portables do not. This is the list of today’s winners that have the best value to offer for your dollars. Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 Latest version of the MacBook Pro hold the legacy of Apple high as it comes donned in unibody aluminum body. You are not going to feel bad after experiencing Intel Core I processing and Nvidia powered graphics with the legendary multitouch trackpad when your wallet is lighter somewhere between 1,800 to 2,200 bucks.

Toshiba Protege – Toshiba Protege rolls into the market for $799 and might be the dream machine for many who have to see its example of balance between price and performance. It mightily outweighs the entry level MacBook with Core i3 CPU and many more enhancements that pioneer MacBook had not. With 13 inches screen and unique features like Intel Wireless Display, it has made its mark in the portable market.

Sony VAIO EA24FM/W – Sony continues to  hp ryzen 3 match the best performance with best prices and balances with new features. This latest Vaio model is solidly build and powered by a revving Core i3 processor. Priced at $799, this powerhouse faces you with 14 inch screen, Intel Wireless Display and entertains you with Blu-ray technology.

Samsung Q430-11 – Samsung sweeps the market with this Core i5 processor powered laptop with many innovative features. It has much to offer you on a 14 inch display with its Nvidia GeForce 310M graphic card. This solid and powerful machine is priced at $799 and has the best for you with style on high end graphics.

Dell Inspiron M101z – The fastest netbook that today’s portable world has to offer is going to cost you $579. With AMD Athlon Dual-Core as its vital organ, this netbook comes with 11 inches display. This new take on Dell’s Mini line further confuses the line between laptops and notebook. What’s more, Dell Inspiron M101z leaves most of current netbooks catching dust in showcases.

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