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Do you want to learn the secrets to farm gold in World of Warcraft quickly and easily? Making huge amounts of gold is very difficult, especially for players who are just starting out with the game and have very little experience.

Farming in Wow can be a very good method to obtain a lot of gold quickly if done correctly. In this article, I will discuss some of the best spots for World of Warcraft gold farming and the mobs that you should be aiming to kill for the best results.

Which are the Best Spots to Farm Gold in World of Warcraft?

1. Winterspring

There are many mobs like the Hedrine Slayer here that are very profitable for farming as their drop rate % for the Eye of Shadow is 1%. This valuable item can usually be sold for around 200 gold, and other valuable items like Felcloth and Runecloth can also be found here. The mobs can be quite hard to kill though like the 60 elites, so make sure that you have the right items while you are farming this area.

In the Frostwhisper Gorge area, you can find Frostmaul Giants which are great Buy wow gold for farming. Again, they can be quite difficult to kill, but the rewards are great when you can farm them successfully. The Greater Frost Protection Potion that they drop can easily be sold for 50 Gold.

2. Western Plaguelands

Inside the Weeping Cave, there are plenty of rotting behemoths and decaying horrors that you can kill to get more Greater Nature Protection Potion. They have roughly a 1% drop rate for the item, and each of the items can be sold for around 100 Gold.



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