A leather jacket is must have for leather jackets all women, as there is something very classy and chic about these. Their extreme versatility, coupled with stunning looks makes these winter jackets for women a much loved option for all ages, shapes and sizes. When you are out to buy leather jackets for women, one thing that you must keep in mind is to buy a size or two bigger so that you can wear adequate layers beneath for the extra-chilly days. Still, these trendy jackets make a great way to jazz up your winter look and here are a few tips that would help you look perfect this winter as you step out in these gorgeous jackets for women:

Layer it over knitwear

The best way to style your leather jackets for warm feel and awesome looks this winter is to use them for layering your knitwear. A jacket which is roomy enough can be worn over thick and cozy sweaters while the fitted ones can accommodate the ones made in fine wool. While the sweaters make sure that you keep warm, the leather jacket that the warmth is there to stay as it keeps out the wind and the chill. And is there a better way to flaunt your attitude than a super-stylish leather jacket that fits you to perfection!

Now try layering it down!

While using these winter jackets for women is one idea that everyone must have tried out, it would be cool if you try these jackets as the layers beneath. Specifically speaking, you can wear this one under a long coat on days when temperatures drop sub-zero. Not only would you end up with an amazing ensemble, but it will also give you extra insulation against the bone-chilling weather. A neutral shade coat will do well but you can go out-of-the-box with a bright one if you have what it takes.

Accessorize with a scarf and hat

Take these leather jackets for women a notch higher by accessorizing these with stylish scarf and hat, and even gloves. You can go a step further by wearing the look with knee high boots, also made in leather. At the same time, make sure that the jacket remains the focal point of the ensemble. what a way to beat the chill!

Go extra warm with a padded jacket

You can pick an extra-bulky padded jacket in leather to get all the warmth you require on the extremely cold winter days. The best part of these jackets for women is that you need not even wear knitwear underneath because they have a quilted texture for protecting you from the extremities of the weather. Just team this one with your favorite pair of jeans or warm leggings and you are ready to sizzle up the winter look.