How Will A Facebook Friends List Help My Business?

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If your business has a presence on Facebook, you probably have a Facebook page set up for your business and maybe you even have a group. You probably have a Facebook Friend List set up for your personal Facebook page, but what about your business page?

First, let me take you through setting up a basic friends list filter and then show you how you can use this feature on Facebook to promote your business.

The Facebook friends list is a way for you to create groups of friends.

To create a Facebook friends list, go to your friendfilter app homepage on Facebook. On the left of your homepage, you will see a listing of filters. These filters, when you click on them, change what you see on the center of the page. If you have a long list of filters, you may not see the “Create New List” filter. If you don’t see it, you will see “more” at the bottom. Click on “more” and you will see the “Create New List” link.

First, you will need to give your list a name. When using the friends list for your business, it will be important for you to give this list an appropriate name. For example, let’s say that you have an online coaching business. You may have groups of people who are in different stages of your coaching program. When you begin to name your lists, you may want to give your list the names of the coaching levels that you offer. Your first list might be named beginners, then intermediate, and then advanced.

Now, you want to start populating your lists.

Go through the people who are on your general Facebook list and start adding them to your different lists. Once you have selected all of the people for your list, click the “Create List” button. Go through and group your clients into lists. You will note that there is a picture of a pen on the right side of your list name. Clicking on this pen will allow you to edit your list as people move from your beginners program, through your intermediate program and then on to your advanced program.

Now that you have your lists set up, how do you use these lists to efficiently communicate with your clients?

Go to your homepage once again and look at the list of filters on the left hand side. If you don’t see your list, just click on “more”. When you find your list, click on it. In the center section of your page, you will see all of the updates for that list. This is an excellent way for you to keep track of your clients’ needs. You can view all of their updates and respond to any problems or questions that they might have. Keeping your clients grouped, you may see that a lot of these clients have the same questions. Because you have them listed together, you can send them all an update at once. This will save you a lot of time, especially when your client lists get large.

Using the Facebook Friends List feature is a great time-saver for your business. Not only will you be able to communicate with them faster, but they will also be able to communicate with you. Streamline your business efforts and start using the Facebook Friends List as a business communications tool.

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