It Is Easy to Set Up and Use Fastpass+ for Disney World

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The new Fastpass+ program has changed the way how the Disney parks deal with the reservation system today. It offers unlimited advantages to manage and manipulate your favourite rides and attractions that otherwise keep you waiting for hours. Fastpass+ is a complete online system that is linked to all the rest of your vacation needs, including hotels and theme park tickets as well. With Fastpass+ you can do reservations up to 30 Days prior to the actual visit, and in some special cases up to 60 Days in advance. The booking is made at your own convenience right from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you have the advantage to change, modify or make extra reservations then and there while at the parks.

To set up and use this one of a kind online reservation system, we have to follow few simple and easy steps. First, there should be an online account at the Disney World website to access the My Disney Experience page. If it’s your first time then you must create a new account by visiting the specific log in page of the respective Website. Clicked the “Create an Account” link in the page. After logged in you will be taken to the actual planning and management section of the website – My Disney Experience page where the reservations are done.

The website guides you through all the necessary steps that you may want to go through before making the Fastpass+ reservation. Guests will be allowed to make a total of three reservations for each day of their visit. Additional reservations can be made once the first three were used. If you have an on-site hotel reservation done, please mention it on the appropriate field. The online system will linked that to the account as well. This will help immensely in eliminating much of your vacation hassles. Today World Info

Another important requirement is your Walt Disney World Tickets detail. The system needs your ticket information prior to booking Fastpass+ reservations. So guests who haven’t bought their Disney tickets, have to buy them first. Advance booking is recommended in the case of tickets as well. Again inside the account there are options to add friends and family members travelling along. No separate accounts needed for each member as such. The system will keep this info for flexibility of choices. For example if you want reservations for the entire group then this collective information enables the system to book Fasspass+ reservations for all at once.

Guests staying at an on-site WDW – Walt Disney World Resort hotel will be able to book their Fastpass+ reservations 60 days prior to the visit, while guests staying outside the Resort will be able to book reservations 30 days prior to the visit. It’s true that the on-site guests have more reservation advantage, but then Disney doesn’t make all the reservation times available. It holds back some for guests opting the 30 days advance booking also.

One of the most important parts of Fastpass+ reservation is the selection of rides. You may want to book three of your favourite rides at once with the help of the reservation system. But there are rides and attractions that have short wait times and also there are rides with single-rider queues that allow guests to skip wait times if willing to ride alone. If those are among your favourite then you may want to consider using the Fastpass+ advantage only for those rides with long waits and rides without single-rider queues.


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