When Should You Use Medication When It Comes to Abortion?

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One of the safest and best ways to get an abortion done is by the consumption of pills and medications which are specifically made for the purpose. cytotec precio Abortion needs to be carried out under the guidance of a medical practitioner, using the right dose of medicines and under sanitary conditions. It is only when that these procedures are followed that one undergoes a safe abortion.

Medications used for abortion

The two most commonly used medicines which help in abortion are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The other names for Mifepristone are mifegyn, mifeprex and RU486 while misoprostol is also known as mibetec, misotrol, oxaprost, cyprostol and cytotec. Such pills have a success rate of more than 90 percent and help in terminating the pregnancy through vaginal bleeding wherein the fetus is expelled. These pills can be consumed for a second time after a period of 3 days if the abortion is not successful in the first attempt. However, it needs to be noted that one needs to make sure that the pills are taken exactly as prescribed and no experimentation should be done.

When and how to use medications for abortion

These medicines are best effective before the pregnancy reaches its 12th week and may not be successful after the woman has passed 12 weeks of pregnancy. Complications may arise and the woman may need medical help if these pills are consumed after this period.

After the first dose is taken the woman should wait for 48 hours before taking the second and third dose. In most cases, bleeding is a side effect. Although not serious, women should know the effects before consuming the pills. The medical practitioner prescribes the medicines according to the mother’s health and age of fetus. It is very important to be in touch with the doctor at all times as complexities can arise at times. These medicines cause contractions to take place in the uterus because of which the fetus gets expelled and bleeding starts. A woman may experience cramps in the stomach along with heavy bleeding, vomiting and nausea after taking the pill.

A look at stats

Studies reveal that out of the approximate 20 million abortions worldwide each year, 6 to 8 millions are done with the help of pills and medications at home and the abortions are carried out successfully without any problem. Knowing these facts will make you have an informed choice and think twice before deciding to undergo abortion. Abortion after all, should be undertaken only after due deliberation.

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